Remote Worker Solutions

Proven Solutions to Help You Hire Staff Quickly, Efficiently and Compliantly

TASC’s high-touch, highly efficient outsourced staffing experience comes in handy to provide the same, flawless and efficient service when you choose to hire remote workers for contract or permanent roles. We believe that remote working will be the new normal; the usually remote-working-shy MENA region is embracing video calls on Zoom and Google Hangouts to not just discuss projects but also do one-on-ones and coffee-breaks. If your business is looking to make the shift, TASC can help!

Be it remote working teams for technology roles, building a virtual sales team, or for your support functions such as marketing, HR, legal, or finance; you name it and you’ll have it. Remote working teams truly make the organization global. So, if you’re wondering how to engage remote workers without adding to your administrative hassles, contact us

We make remote worker hiring easy for you

Our proven technology, tools, processes and market intelligence means ease, scale and flexibility for you.  As your dedicated partner for hiring remote workers, you can choose combination of teams working on contractual or on permanent basis. While you focus on your key projects and deliverable, we take your operational hassles away by recruiting, engaging and managing your outsourced remote teams.

Benefits of using an Outsourced Remote Worker

Access to global talent
  • With outsourced remote workers, you don’t have to worry about having a physical presence or limiting yourself to the talent available within the geography you operate in.
Flexibility to scale up or down
  • Remote worker outsourcing makes it easy for you to scale-up teams for a key project or deliverable. Once accomplished, you can always scale back to your original team size.
Non-stop business operations
  • Plan your outsourced remote teams across different time zones to support round the clock business needs.
Enhanced team diversity
  • When your team members working remotely belong to different locations, nationalities and cultures, you benefit tremendously from their diverse views and build a truly global organization.
Capex savings
  • Outsourced team members working remotely do not need office space. Save on office rentals and other associated capex costs easily.

TASC Differentiators for Outsourced Remote Workers

AI-based recruitment

We use AI based tools to match, source, and screen profiles to present you with relevant profiles of the highest quality

Hiring expertise across 50+ countries

We recruit talent from 50+ countries worldwide on a regular basis. We can easily recommend and source candidates from suitable locations

Seamless selection process

With the use of technology, tools and processes – we organize end-to-end selection process seamlessly

Online timesheets for attendance management

We offer our online timesheets module to track your outsourced remote workers attendance and availability

24/7 Online Assistance to Associates

Our WhatsApp based Chatbot assistant, AIDA, offers 24/7 support to outsourced remote workers

On-time Remote Worker Salary Payment

We’re committed to ontime salary payments in the currency agreed upon with you and your outsourced remote worker

Compliance and Peace of Mind

TASC guarantees compliance and simplifies the way you approach the complicated business landscape of MENA region

Dedicated Team at Your Service

You will be assisted by our experienced HR & Payroll team and will benefit from the advice of our country specialists

Save on Resources

Significantly reduce the time and the financial risks associated with getting into a new market.