Contact Center

In this day and age, when businesses strive to be customer-centric, enhancing customer experience at all touch points is a basic necessity. A key customer touch point is your contact center or customer service team, who must possess the right attitude, have multi-linguistic skills, know the art of subtle selling, possess patience in abundance, and much more.

Whether your contact center is meant to respond to inbound inquiries or place out-bound calls or just provide customer support, as one of the top call centre recruitment agencies today, TASC can provide call-centre staff as per your business needs. Our call centre staff are highly trained, commanding great fluency in various languages and have experience in managing difficult interactions and situations.


Our areas of competence

Technical Support
  • Provides assistance and technical support to businesses / consumers that are experiencing operational issues with the product.
Inbound Sales
  • Responds to customers by answering incoming calls on a rotational basis, operates telecommunication technologies, and influences customers to buy or retain a product/service
Outbound Sales
  • Contacts businesses through telecommunication technology to solicit a sale
Customer Service
  • Offers support in processing customer’s service request, attracts potential customers by responding to product / service questions, and attempts to exceed customer’s expectations
Booking Staff
  • Manages incoming booking requests, booking changes, etc.