Statement of Work solution for Pharmaceutical MNC


A pharma MNC received a global directive from its headquarters to implement Statement-of-Work model. While the pharma MNC engaged 3 vendors, they experienced continued challenges in: on-time hiring, on-time salary payments, incorrect invoicing. One of their major concerns also included KPI management for outsourced staff

TASC’s Execution     

Pharma MNC appointed TASC as their sole staffing/SOW partner. TASC ensured seamless transition from the 3 vendors to TASC’s platform, resulting in smooth onboarding of candidates. Based on extensive experience in Promoter Management, TASC set-out the KPIs for outsourced staff. To ensure transparency, monthly KPI review meetings were organized between TASC’s outsourced candidates and the key points of contact from the Pharma MNC. The outsourced staff also had adequate opportunity for one-on-one discussions with TASC supervisor, line-manager, and candidates.


TASC saved substantial time for Pharma MNC’s professionals as the KPIs were set and managed by TASC. Due to the clear communication, transparency, and monthly forums – there was a significant improvement in the KPI achievement of outsourced staff. The improvement in the overall process led to better connect between Pharma MNC’s several departments across geographies

  • UAE
  • Contract Staffing
  • Promoters
  • Sales Execs
  • SOW