Contract staffing solution for leading telecom operator in UAE


A leading telecom operator within the UAE outsourced 3,500 candidates through 18 partners. The situation led to multiple escalations, no reporting clarity, delay in salary payments, incorrect invoicing, compliance issues and finally, employee demotivation

TASC’s Execution

The telecom operator partnered with TASC to audit the current processes. As a result of this humongous process audit involving 18 partners, TASC developed a 12-point document covering areas of recruitment, onboarding, exit process, etc. Based on the 12-point document, new SLAs were formulated and a dedicated 5-member TASC team was appointed to monitor adherence to the SLAs. This was followed-up with a monthly MIS / review meeting with the telecom operator


TASC, working in collaboration with the client, was able to set-up an uncomplicated structure resulting in transparency and improved turn-around-times. The simplicity of the structure and clear SLAs ensured 100% compliance. Client satisfaction improved by 29% while maintaining high motivation in the outsourced staff.

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