Contracted Staff to improve the top line of a bank



A leading bank within the GCC employed 2,000 outsourced professionals from 12 talent management / staffing partners. Due to multiple staffing service providers, there was great disparity in the service levels as well as candidate benefits. In addition, the leading bank had a high attrition level of 18%, especially in sales, which impacted the bank’s top line

TASC’s Execution

Based on TASC’s high service levels provided to the leading bank, TASC was appointed as the key staffing firm to manage all other staffing service providers. To ensure thorough execution, TASC appointed a dedicated delivery manager within the client’s premises, and developed a customized solution to manage the situation. In parallel, TASC ensured the new hires have a good mix of various nationalities


The improved nationality mix enabled the leading bank to attract clients from different nationalities. Thus, improving the bank’s top line. Through TASC’s customized solution, TASC reduced the attrition by 5%. 355 additional candidates were added by TASC, including 127 in sales. Currently, TASC manages 600+ candidates.

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