Industrial and office products


A Japanese company specializing in industrial and office products had partnered with its distributor to employ sales staff. Key pain points of the Japanese firm were inflated sales reports, incorrect / inconsistent information from promoters and low actual sales numbers. The Japanese office products maker reached out to TASC to improve the situation

TASC’s Execution

TASC team realized that we’d need at least 15 days to get new candidates of the desired profile. In the interim, TASC deployed on-demand staff and initiated the recruitment process. Within 1 month, TASC managed to onboard sales candidates for the Japanese firm. In addition, TASC provided technology-enabled monitoring of promoter’s attendance, sales, etc.


The Japanese office product maker is happy with the complete control over promoters and sales. There are no more stock issues, and sales has increased exponentially.

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  • Promoters
  • Sales Execs
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