Hospitality major in UAE


In a hospitality major in the UAE, the firm’s General Manager resigned creating an urgency to find a replacement within 2 weeks

TASC’s Execution

A specialized team with extensive experience in executive search was assigned the task of tapping into existing database and identifying potential senior level candidates with hospitality experience who are seeking better opportunities. A process driven approach was followed to ensure sourcing, screening and shortlist of potential candidates. After 2 levels of screening, 5 most relevant profiles were shared with the hospitality major


The hospitality major found all profiles extremely relevant, and selected 1 among them. TASC managed to source the most suitable candidate, and placed him on the job within 10 days. Happy with this experience, the hospitality major now works exclusively with TASC for all permanent recruitment roles.

  • UAE
  • Permanent
  • General Manager
  • Executive Search