General Manager placed at a security firm in KSA


A security firm, headquartered in Houstan, USA, was on the lookout for a General Manager to manage the firm’s operation in KSA. In addition to their team in KSA, their team in the USA was also involved in the hiring decision. The unique situation involved communicating with stakeholders on different time zones and ensuring there is no communication gap while sourcing the candidate. Many staffing firms weren’t keen to take-up the challenge of managing multiple stakeholders, especially when it involved placements in KSA, that too for a senior executive!

TASC’s Execution

Through TASC’s solid partner network and knowledge within the KSA, the specialist executive recruiter was able to identify candidates who are likely to get a visa in the KSA. Based on the security firm’s requirement, Top 5 profiles were shared with both offices


The security firm selected 1 of the shortlisted candidates, and was thrilled that TASC managed to exceed time and service level expectations

  • UAE
  • KSA
  • Permanent
  • General Manager
  • Executive Search