Dubai based service


A Dubai based service firm was looking for several data scientists. However, they had a unique requirement – the candidates should have prior experience in the USA. USA being the hub for data, technology, and development; it was a challenging task to get USA experienced candidates in the UAE

TASC’s Execution

A specialised team of IT recruiters were put on the job to source suitable candidates, who have USA experience and are either within the UAE or willing to move to the UAE. The team worked overnight to accomplish the sourcing and screening, and successfully managed to close the position in less than a month.


The Dubai based service firm was happy with the quality of the candidates lined-up, the promptness with which the requirement was met, and the timely update / process followed by the TASC team that they immediately shared 10 more technology positions to be filled through TASC

  • UAE
  • Data Scientist
  • Permanent