Promoter Management for FMCG company in Qatar


The electronics major needed a quick supply of trained promoters for their domestic appliances and personal care departments. During one of the requirement gathering meetings, they expressed their challenge in showcasing return on the investments made on promoters / field force executive.

TASC’s Execution     

TASC managed to source and deploy high quality, trained staff for the electronics’ major. In addition, KPIs were set and tracking technology was implemented to measure productivity and performance. In addition, to address the electronics’ major’s concern regarding returns, a unique ROP (Return on People) model was developed in Apr 2016 in consultation with the electronics’ major. Initially, the model was implemented on 9 promoters in Kuwait


The immediate month after implementing the new set-up, KPIs, and tracking i.e. May 2016 proved to be the best-selling month for the electronics’ major in Kuwait. While the planned return on people investment was 7:1, through TASC’s quick and efficient ROP management model, the electronics’ major achieved an ROP of 38:1. Following the success in Kuwait, we’ve been requested to implement the ROP model in Qatar and KSA

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