Statement of Work

TASC Statement of Work (SOW) Solution is a time-bound, milestone based solution of staffing activities that lets you have visibility and better control over your outsourced activity. At TASC, we collaborate with you to define your individual SOW.

Result-oriented SOW Solution

At TASC, we support you in developing a result-oriented SOW so that you leave the worry of transactional issues to TASC. For instance, if your TASC SOW is defined around office reception management and the receptionist decides to take the day off suddenly, TASC will resolve it. Similarly, if your TASC SOW is based on sale revenue at an event, training, monitoring, management, replacement of staff etc. will be completely done by TASC.

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Some elements in your individual SOW

Scope of work
Work location
Key milestones
Expected standards
Acceptance criteria
Payment terms & schedule

Benefits of TASC SOW Solution


Expertise in developing clearly defined SOW


Cost optimization as fixed costs will be eliminated


No minimum payment required


On-time communication and status update


Effective management of task on auto-pilot mode