TASC Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Solution is an agile and flexible solution to manage your recruitment process when you are pressed for time or if you simply wish to rely on our efficiency and expertise.

Flexible RPO Solution

At TASC, we provide you with 3 flexible options to choose from:

  • Full-time, for a monthly management fee
  • Part-time, on a successful placement fee
  • Project based, on a management and placement fee

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Our RPO Solution includes

Recruitment forecasting
Resource planning
Profile/skill identification
Advertising across channels
Managing applications
Scheduling assessment and interviews
Background/reference checks
Offer management
Vendor management, if required
Communication and co-ordination

Benefits of TASC RPO Solution


RPO solution for permanent and contractual employees


Inhouse domain specialists, who can reduce time-to-hire


Expertise in sourcing and attracting candidates from emerging as well as developed markets


Transparent processes and activities


On-time communication and status update


2 levels of stringent screening

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