On-Demand Staffing

TascTemp.com is an on-demand workforce supply solution for your urgent, ad-hoc and short-term staffing requirements.  Whether your employee has decided to go on a planned break or it’s an unplanned emergency, TascTemp.com can support you with suitable candidates within as little as half-a-day. For all those times, when you are stressed about your staff going on leave, or on demand staff required to handle additional work-load, contact TascTemp.com

What’s more? You don’t need to worry about the visa or paperwork, it will be managed by the TASC team. To select your preferred candidate from our available pool of candidates, click here.

TascTemp Benefits

  • Staff can be deployed quickly and efficiently
  • Uninterrupted sales flow without compromising on quality

To view more benefits, and select candidates for your urgent need, click here

Temp Staffing Quick Facts


candidate pool available for ready deployment


different nationalities to choose from


areas of expertise

Popular Temp Staff Roles

Admin. assistant
Customer service representative
Data-entry operator
Document controller

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