Hiring staff on contract goes beyond just providing the right candidate, ensuring selection and finalizing the offer. For the contracted staff, it can get challenging to understand how they will interact with TASC and with their contractual employer. These challenges can get further overwhelming, especially if the contracted staff is new to the country of his workplace. TASC aims to ease this transition phase and provide a smooth start to the contracted employee through our onboarding process.


TASC innovates to handle onboarding of multiple employees

To make the onboarding process faster, more efficient, and error-free, TASC has introduced several innovative approaches such as digitally signed offer letters, check-list based tracking, etc. These innovative approaches enable TASC to onboard large number of contracted staff in a very short time. In fact, TASC has a record of onboarding 100 candidates, from different home countries, within just 5 weeks

Our other allied services with contract staffing include, Transfers & Migration and Employee Management. If you are looking for a managed solution , read more about HR Operations, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, and Statement of work model

Our other allied services with contract staffing include


Transfers & Migration

Unlike most other temporary staffing agencies that only deal with recruitment, our staffing company has managed transfers and migrations for several brands, sometimes even consolidating contract staff from multiple agencies to TASC. In the past, TASC has managed to transfer between 50 – 1,000 employees, from a different staffing company or agency, to TASC within 1 month to 6 months’ time-frame.


End-to-End Employee Management

TASC is one of the most preferred staffing companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi because our business model includes end-to-end talent management. Be it talent acquisition, onboarding, managing employee performance, or ensuring that the employee is cared for; our staffing agency has you covered.


Save your time while TASC handles staff onboarding

The TASC onboarding process is designed to ensure minimal involvement of your time. At TASC, we manage all processing formalities and administrative tasks, as detailed below:


Maintain constant communication with selected staff in their home country


Update through SMS & ERP alerts on key milestones


Provide necessary guidance and clarification to help selected staff settle in the country of their workplace


Address queries & communicate with family members of the selected staff, if required


Facilitate document collection


Arrange airport pick-up and initial hotel-stay in country of the staff’s workplace, on request


Assist in opening a bank account


Support in finding suitable accommodation


Conduct orientation and induction on local customs, lifestyle, and culture.


Brief the staff on our policies, rules & regulations


Provide dedicated, 24*7 helpdesk (800 ecare) to resolve their queries / grievances