UAE’s retailers open up opportunities for temps

Gulf News TASC Outsourcing temp staffing
Gulf News TASC Outsourcing temp staffing

Looking for a job in retail? Try temping.

With more retailers in Dubai willing to take on temporary staffers, it is opening up a world of opportunities for those job seekers who want to add up their work experiences. Or those biding their time before landing a full-time job that meets their aspirations.

It is also turning profitable for businesses that seek to connect temps with potential part-time employers. “But there is still a lot of fragmentation… you see a lot of short-term activation companies around,” said Mahesh Shahdadpuri, CEO of TASC Outsourcing. “Going forward there will be a lot more of specialization coming through and much of it will happen in the online space.”

TASC has gone live with its online outsourcing portal, where potential employers can sift through multiple CVs and find one that matches their immediate needs. Apart from retail-specific experience, temporary front-office and accounting openings are also highlighted.

“Unlike the three to four weeks it takes businesses to clear the paperwork and visa for a full-time employee, they can select a candidate that meets their requirements and have them working within half a day,” said Shahdadpuri. “These candidates are all vetted by the portal when they make their submissions and they also get to put up [pre-recorded short] videos where they talk about their experiences and why somebody should choose them.”

Currently, TASC’s online site has about 50 candidates, with average work experience of one to five years. The portal might also weigh the possibility of uploading credentials of interns at a later date.

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