These jobs are in high demand in the UAE during the Coronavirus pandemic

Gulf News TASC Outsourcing COVID jobs
Gulf News TASC Outsourcing COVID jobs

According to Abbas Ali, Senior Vice President of sales at TASC Outsourcing, a staffing firm based in the UAE, there are certain sectors that have seen a surge in job opportunities.

“Demand in the industry sector is huge, particularly in e-commerce. We are getting a lot of enquiries for high-end technology professionals who can help companies through their digital transformation, as almost every company tries to brush up their online presence. This is also an area where we are able to recruit people working remotely, whether they are in India or in Romania. Whenever the borders open, these professionals will fly in but for the time being they are working remotely,” he said.

Another sector experiencing a high demand is logistics and delivery. “Everybody needs a driver right now as well as warehouse helpers, and people who can support logistics,” he added.

There has also been a surge in demand for credit controllers. “In the current scenario because cash is tight, we are seeing a lot of companies hiring credit controllers who can manage the finances and make sense of the data to help companies make better financial decisions,” Ali said.

Regarding job roles in technology, Ali commented, “What we have noticed is that businesses are currently asking how they can get the right technology in place to provide their products and services online. So, if you are a technology expert you should be sprucing up your online profile, adding details of what kind of work you have done and updating your LinkedIn profile.”

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