TASC Talks: UAE ‘most connected’ on LinkedIn globally

Khaleej Times TASC Outsourcing on LinkedIn
Khaleej Times TASC Outsourcing on LinkedIn

Abbas Ali, vice-president of TASC Outsourcing said their research, conducted last year, disclosed that 75 per cent of respondents are active on social media platforms on a daily basis. More than 80 per cent fresh graduates are using social networking platforms as the primary source to find a job. Moreover, job seekers are likely to research their interview panel online prior to their interview. Digital mediums have become an indispensable job search tool.

“Recruitment practices have been changing quite a bit over the last few decades thanks to various social and digital platforms. As time progresses, the visible trends are becoming sharper with job seekers spending more time on social and digital media than on traditional sources of information like newspapers. Driven by new technologies, this is crucial for job aspirants to find a suitable match and compete in a global, knowledge-based economy,” added Ali.

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