TASC Talks: TASC CEO on Dubai’s 2017 budget

Gulf News TASC Outsourcing Mahesh Shahdadpuri
Gulf News TASC Outsourcing Mahesh Shahdadpuri

The Government of Dubai has released a figure of Dh 47.3 billion as the budget for 2017 with increase in public spending on infrastructure, innovation and social sectors. This is being seen as a growth oriented spending plan by the emirate’s business fraternity.

“The budget for the year 2017 is a progressive one. It is also pleasing to know that Dubai has kept aside a little over one third of the total expenditure of the budget on the social development sector.” said Mr. Mahesh Shahdadpuri, CEO of TASC Outsourcing.

The budget allocations reflected the extent of the government’s concern for the human resources as the real wealth of the nation and allocated 34 per cent towards social development in the fields of healthcare, housing, education and community development. The budget aims to provide more than 3,500 new obs, reflecting on the government’s keenness on creating further job opportunities.

The Government of Dubai continues to support infrastructure projects as well as future projects related to Expo 2020. Infrastructure allocation in 2017 budget accounts for 17 per cent of total expenditure, reflecting the emirate’s concern for the gradual implementation of Expo 2020 projects.

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