TASC Talks: Job placements get ever more strategic

job placements TASC Outsourcing Gulf News
job placements TASC Outsourcing Gulf News

Recent times have seen a surge in digitisation within companies and emergence of online businesses, which in turn has led to a strong rise in job opportunities in technical positions across sectors.

There is a strong demand for workers in digitization, security and data center projects. Many companies are looking to move an increasing amount of their business to an online model. Businesses are also automating functions and trying to get more out of their IT investments.

Reasonably, the demand is leading to a large number of fresh graduates, including Emaratis, taking up technical positions. As more companies focus on digitization, hiring in the information technology sector is witnessing a significant uptrend this year.

The constantly-evolving IT industry offers candidates with new opportunities to contribute and explore new avenues to find their way in.

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