TASC Talks: Companies matching government in hiring Emiratis

Careers UAE TASC Outsourcing - Gulf News
Careers UAE TASC Outsourcing – Gulf News

Mahesh Shahdadpuri, CEO and founder of TASC Outsourcing, a leading talent management company licensed by UAE government to outsource professionals as contract staff to clients across the country, said Emiratis make up roughly 1.5 per cent of the private workforce in the UAE. The government is gearing up efforts to ensure UAE nationals will make up five per cent of private workforce in the country by 2020.

He said the government sector continues to be more popular among the UAE nationals. “However, we are witnessing a growing change wherein UAE nationals are now more open to working in the private sector. Millennial UAE nationals are more geared towards career progression, gaining experience, learning opportunities and growth, which is faster in private sector. On the organisation’s side too, there has been an increase in demand for local talent. Their first preference is to hire UAE nationals, partly due to various government initiatives and partly due to availability of growing talent resource within the region,” Shahdadpuri added.

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