TASC Talks: A flexible workplace need not be a novelty

Flexible work environment TASC Outsourcing Gulf News
Flexible work environment TASC Outsourcing Gulf News

Workplace flexibility takes sound leadership that is driven on trust, shared values, principles and company guidelines. Simply put, this is a working style mutually agreed upon between the employer and employee as to when, where and how they would work to deliver the organisation’s needs.

Implementing the strategy can be a complex process as it requires attention to multiple factors. I believe, the key is to ensure a positive impact on the organisation’s overall performance, employee happiness and customer satisfaction. It’s crucial to have an organisation-wide consensus on the flexibility options that should be extended to employees.

A flexible workplace requires a change in mindset and development of new skills for work management. Hence, once the guidelines are in place, employees should be trained so that they are comfortable in using the flexi benefits.

At the same time, managers should be educated to adopt a suitable mindset. If an employee fears being judged or rated differently, the initiative may not deliver the expected results.

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