TASC Talk: Boom in Temporary Jobs

Temporary jobs in UAE - TASC Outsourcing Gulf News
Temporary jobs in UAE – TASC Outsourcing Gulf News

As short-term employment opportunities boom in the UAE, they are no longer deemed an alternative choice or the last resort, say experts.

The temporary job market is witnessing a massive boom in the UAE with the events season at its peak and companies hiring short-term staff for various reasons.

Abbas Ali, senior vice-president at TASC Outsourcing, which has placed over 3,500 employees in temporary posts across the UAE, said, “Temporary jobs are no longer alternative opportunities or the last resort as they were once perceived to be. With some sectors going through challenging times, the demand for temporary staff has gone up by 25-30 per cent in the recent past.” He said the UAE’s current temporary job openings, where assignments range from a few days to six months, stands at an estimated 450,000 for 2017. “More companies will start relying on temporary employees to meet their workload demand in the run-up to Expo 2020,” he added.

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