Emirati unemployment rate to reach below 1% by 2021

Khaleej Times TASC Outsourcing
Khaleej Times TASC Outsourcing

The unemployment rate among Emiratis stood at 14 per cent in 2013 and the authority has the goal to bring that figure down to less than one per cent by the year 2021, according to the recruitment firm, TASC Outsourcing.

The UAE government aims to ensure that Emiratis will make up 5 per cent of private workforce in the country by 2020. In 2013, which was also the Year of Emiratisation, the UAE Government had laid out plans to increase the then number of the UAE nationals in the private sector by tenfold by 2021.

“The government sector continues to be more popular amongst the UAE nationals. A TASC study conducted last year revealed public sector is still the first choice for Emirati graduates with eight out of 10 freshly graduated UAE nationals preferring to work in the government sector, rather than the private sector. Shorter work hours, quality of medical services provided by the employer, the number of holidays, the benefits (especially to female employees such as maternity leave) are some of major factors that the graduates would factor in while looking out for a job,”┬áCEO and founder of TASC Outsourcing, Mahesh Shahdadpuri said.

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