Bloomberg Businessweek nominates Game Changer: Mahesh Shahdadpuri

Game Changer: Mahesh Shahdadpuri
Game Changer: Mahesh Shahdadpuri

Mahesh Shahdadpuri, founder and CEO, TASC Outsourcing: The entrepreneur who set a new benchmark for outsourcing in the Middle East

Mahesh Shahdadpuri is honest about his first business venture, a technology firm he launched in New York and Bangalore in 1999. “It was a disaster,” he says. The company – which failed in the downturn following the attack on the World Trade Centre in 2001 – may have been short-lived, but the experience of running the firm also provided its founder with the idea for a company that has since become one of the biggest outsourcing firms in the UAE.

Shahdadpuri, who completed an MBA at the University of Boston in 1995, established his current business, TASC Outsourcing, in the UAE in 2007. He spotted a gap in the market for an outsourcing player to provide professional, experienced staff in a range of industries. He was familiar with the process of outsourcing professional services from his previous failed venture, and so put the experience to good use.

Just 11 years later, TASC Outsourcing has in excess of 4,000 staff on its books and is helping its clients – in industries ranging from retail to telecoms and aviation – hire qualified staff without any of the challenges typically associated with recruitment, such as conducting multiple interviews and handling visas and other paperwork.
“I saw a gap here,” he says. “A lot of people understand the concept of staffing and outsourcing but it was a very fragmented market with few professional outsourcing players, and I saw this as an area where I could make an impact.”

Much of the company’s success is due to its willingness to invest in systems and services that help its clients. The latest advance is a service which Shahdadpuri likes to refer to as the “Uberisation” of recruitment: While hiring staff can typically take companies between 6-8 weeks, TASC offers to supply a candidate, ready to work, within two hours. Clients can visit TASC’s online database, view candidates – who have already been interviewed and vetted – select the person they want and pay online for the length of time they require the employee. “These are pre-qualified, pre-screened professionals, ready to join candidates. It’s just a case of select, pay online and somebody will be at your doorstep within hours.”

TASC has since expanded to other markets and now covers the rest of the GCC, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, serving about 200 customers. But Shahdadpuri’s concerns go beyond profits and scale. With the memory of his own struggles following his early business failure fresh in his memory, he is committed to the welfare of his staff. “Back then nobody really cared about outsourced employees. We started an employee care department and are heavily focused on our employees. We even have an employee hotline and use technology to help ensure they are content.”

Has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Mangalore University and an MBA from the University of Boston

Launched TASC Outsourcing in the UAE in 2007

Plays tennis and rides a Harley-Davidson in his spare time

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