Since over a decade TASC has been fulfilling staffing requirements for organisations within the UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Whether you need contract staff in Abu Dhabi or contingent staff in Dubai, TASC can help you source and recruit best available talent. Having placed over 4,000 employees across the GCC, TASC’s staffing and recruitment expertise spans across functions such as Technology, Telecom & ICT, Retail, Corporate Support, etc.

Our recruitment expertise in UAE includes

Regional Knowhow
  • Over 10 years of staffing and recruitment expertise within the region
Mainland & Freezone License
  • Staffing capabilities in mainland as well as freezone locations, such as DAFZA, JAFZA, etc.
SLA based recruitment
  • Recruitment and employee management processes backed by technology & SLAs
Developing Market Intelligence
  • Competition tracking, share-of-shelf information, salary benchmarks, etc.
Promoter Management
  • End-to-end promoters/ merchandisers management including geo-tagged attendance, sales tracking, etc.
Absolute Compliance
  • Guarantee of no compliance defaults

Success Story

A leading airline in the UAE

A leading airline in the UAE had over 1,000 IT contracted resources and 28 staffing vendors, who provide and manage these resources. The airline major...