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I don’t have COVID-19 but I want to get tested. Where can I go?

Government health authorities across UAE have shared a list of health centers for testing individuals who might present symptoms or have been in contact with travelers from high-risk countries.

I’m an employee, does my insurance cover COVID-19?

We highly recommend you visit a healthcare facility covered by your insurance network. A consultation with your general practitioner will be subject to the policy terms and conditions stated in your insurance package.

I’ve tested positive for COVID-19. I’m worried! What do I do?

It’s natural to panic, but 95%-96% of those who’ve tested positive have a full chance of recovery. It may seem daunting to share the news, but realize that this is no fault of yours. And, play your part in preventing the spread:
  • Estimate date and time of exposure
  • List all in-person interactions
  • Inform family or local guardian
  • Share information with govt authorities
  • Update line manager
  • Keep your TASC contact posted

I want to travel to my home country, can I?

International travel is still quite limited and the guidelines for UAE residents limit travel. Though Emirates airlines has begun repatriating expats to a limited number of countries.

I am an employee and need to submit/collect an important document. How do I do that?

We understand that processes must be followed and our team works round-the-clock to support you. Stop by the TASC offices, if necessary, for:
  • Submissions: Medical documents, post-medical documents, passport, labor contract signature, insurance card
  • Collections: Bank kits, original letter, original passport, Emirates ID, insurance card

I need my pay slip, how do I chat with AIDA?

Chatting with AIDA is very simple! Follow the steps below:
  • Step 1: To get started, click here +914466534488
  • Step 2: Type in your employee registered email id. AIDA will send a 6-digit OTP for account verification to your email
  • Step 3: Type the OTP number into the chat.
AIDA is now set-up, start chatting with her.
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