As businesses prepare for Value Added Tax implementation, there is a huge surge in demand for VAT specialist professionals and project managers, especially in the finance and technology domain. While there are fewer VAT resources available within the region, particularly in terms of supply of staff, the challenge of hiring a VAT specialist is compounded thanks to the recent implementation of the legislation. As one of the top VAT recruitment agencies of Dubai, TASC can support you in resolving this challenge easily!

When hiring a VAT specialist, it is critical to assess your business operations that stand to be impacted, the synergies you can gain from your existing resources, and the complementary skills that you may need to successfully implement Value Added Tax. On one end, implementation of the legislation will definitely involve strategic decision making, improvising operational models, and negotiating supply chain arrangements. On the other end, it will include technology updates, and added accounting & administrative tasks. In the last few months, we have managed to get businesses ready by providing VAT specialist personnel in the field of accounting, technology & administration. Here are some roles for which we have put our VAT recruitment services into action:

Providing the right supply of staff in Dubai and across the UAE for various VAT roles

VAT consultants and advisors
  • Support VAT implementation, best practices, and monitor existing processes with a view to improvise
Direct / Indirect tax specialist
  • Fulfills compliances and accounting processes, advises on direct and indirect tax implications, etc.
  • Ensures accurate book keeping to record VAT transactions
Finance Managers (with VAT experience)
  • Develops processes to capture VAT as per government policy
Business analyst (with knowledge of VAT rules)
  • Analyzes data to generate insights for better business decisions
VAT experienced Project Managers
  • Manages implementation, monitoring of VAT projects
VAT implementation Technology specialists
  • Ensure necessary system updates are in place to capture and report VAT
System Integrators
  • Integrates technology systems to ensure correct VAT implementation

TASC Tech is one of the top VAT recruitment agencies in Dubai and UAE today

TASC is a quality conscious, innovative organization in the UAE with excellent business practices. Our quest for excellence has resulted in an agile and customer-centric team in Dubai, who will work with you to find a solution, and not just offer a service. Some of the other benefits are listed below


Access to an extensive virtual pool of VAT consultant specialists and professionals across the globe


Specialist VAT team in Dubai with finance and accounting know-how


2 layers of internal screening to save your time


Flexible recruitment options – on contract, permanent, & project-based


End-to-end employee management for professionals hired on contract


Excellent business practices recognized by the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award


ISO 9001 certified HR operations

IT Staffing services in UAE, Saudi (KSA), Kuwait and rest of GCC

Leveraging our international professional network, TASC is able to supply qualified, world-class IT staffing services to companies, businesses, and organisations in Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE according to their needs. To know more about our services across the region, visit UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, KSA.