In the ever moving mobile world, adoption of IoT is continuously increasing as it helps businesses make better decisions, forecast outcomes, be agile and gain more savings. Thus, the longevity of businesses hinges on fast adoption of IoT strategy.

In order to support businesses with fast and easy adoption of IoT, TASC consultants can advise, source and deploy IoT professionals who will be most suitable for your business’ strategy.

Our areas of competence

IoT Product Manager
  • Leads the developments of products and infrastructure within IoT space, implements new platforms for growth, maintains and/or migrates existing platforms.
IoT Architect
  • Builds end-to-end IoT solutions that solve real business problems by building discrete IoT solutions and setting up the organization’s overall IoT vision, message and architecture
IoT Developer
  • Develops the software section of the IoT stack.
Industrial Data Scientists
  • Employs statistical, econometric and data mining techniques to create data analysis models for analysis and forecasting.
Robot Coordinator (Warehouse/Retail / Medical)
  • Supervise robots on the shop floor and counter any breakdowns or miscalculation.
Industrial Engineer
  • Manages the hardware involved in enabling Internet of Things
Industrial UI / UX Designer
  • Defines design visuals, creates proto-types based on user-centered design ideology
Full Stack Developer
  • Responsible for front-end and backend web development, can wok with several coding languages and databases.
Industrial Networking Engineer
  • Develops high-quality networking products, and is an expert in developing networking capabilities for IoT devices