Big Data & Analytics

TASC can help you source the right people to translate terabytes of customer information into actionable insights so that you can enhance your customer’s experience, or drive costs down or discover new revenue streams for your business.

Over the years, having deployed skilled resources in big data & analytics domain, we specialize in identifying the business requirement and sourcing a professional who is the right fit.

Our areas of competence

Big Data Scientists
  • Gathers and analyzes data from various sources, spots trends and provides data-driven insights for decision making.
Data Specialists
  • Executes data lifecycle requests, performs backups, restores data in a timely manner, creates and retains data back-up copies.
Senior & Junior Analysts
  • Translates data into business insights to enable better business decisions
Front End Visual Developers
  • Develops user-facing web designs, builds reusable codes, ensures technical feasibility of designs, and optimizes applications for speed and scalability
Big Data Architects
  • Designs database architecture, data models, ETL processes, data warehouse designs and business intelligence reports
Analytic Supervisors
  • Manages analysts and analytics tasks for the organization - including creating effective strategies to collect data, analyze information, conduct research and implement analytics solutions
Algorithm Developers
  • Introduces new algorithms or optimizes existing algorithms to enable better / faster data processing