IT / Cyber Security

While digital technologies may have simplified your businesses in various ways, it’s definitely made your business more vulnerable to cyber-attacks that can disrupt your operations. It’s not just important, but imperative to have an IT security professional or team of professionals to safe-guard your business data from being breached.

TASC provides IT security professionals to some of the most data-sensitive industries such as banking, ecommerce, government, etc. This understanding and expertise equips us to fulfill any cyber security or IT security role within the GCC, even if that means attracting talent from outside the region

Our areas of competence

Information Risk Manager
  • Assesses information risk, implements coherent policies and sets standards.
Governance / Compliance Specialists
  • Defines the course of action for different types of security risks, defines policies, and ensures compliance
CLAS consultant
  • Advises on security needs, best practices and guides on IT security implementation
  • Uses encryption to build security software and researches to strengthen encryption algorithms
InfoSec Auditor
  • Maintains integrity of information systems by testing the effectiveness of cybersecurity components, conducts tests to evaluate cyber security risks
PCI / DSS Compliance Specialist
  • Prevents security threats on credit-card payments, maintains PCI/DSS compliance standards for the business
Ethical Hackers / Penetration Testers
  • Assesses and evaluates systems vulnerabilities to discover hacking threats with the objective of preventing a real attack
Disaster recovery & business continuation specialists
  • Implements recovery strategy, assesses risks, conducts business impact analysis, executes mock disaster exercises, and coordinates the solution in case of a disruption
Vulnerability Manager
  • Helps reduce critical exposures, lowers risk, and meets compliance.
Network Security Specialist
  • Monitors IT network for security threats or unauthorized users, analyses security risks and develops response procedures
Firewall Specialist
  • Ensures firewall implementation, maintenance, and upgrades to protect the organization’s systems from any cyber threat
Security Sales / BDM
  • Grows the sales of security solutions by helping customers with security solutions and identifies new opportunities and businesses that need to implement security solutions
IDS / IPS Specialists
SIEM Specialists