IT Infrastructure

When ‘growth’ is your business strategy, investing in the latest technologies and IT infrastructure is a given. To implement and run these new technologies, you need the best resources who have the know-how and expertise of the new technologies. To get these skilled resources, you can count on TASC. TASC has placed thousands of IT infrastructure candidates across banking, aviation, government, and technology service provider domains.

Our areas of competence

IT Director
  • Manages, strategizes, and executes IT infrastructure of an organisation
Network Engineer
  • Enables network systems for employees use, including LAN, WAN, intranet and extranet
IT Manager
  • Manages the organisation’s technology & computer systems, controls and evaluates IT and electronic data operations by managing a team of IT specialists
System Administrator
  • Installs and maintains servers or other computer systems, plans for and responds to service outages, etc
Infrastructure Manager
  • Ensures standards and procedures are in place, mitigates complexity by standardizing ways of work so that technical teams work together in a consistent manner
Storage Engineer
  • Facilitates the engineering process for data storage, creates effective storage strategies with the help of information technology specialists
Programme Manager
  • Delivers complex projects including business case development, mobilize programs and resources, manage stakeholder expectations, and project deliverables
Project Manager
  • Ensures project delivery within specified time, cost, quality, scope, etc. Outlines the risk / benefits periodically, monitors the allocated budget, and showcases project delivery impact.
Level 1 Engineer
  • Executes engineering tasks of limited scope and complexity or minor components of broader assignments in office, plant, field or laboratory work