Human Resource staffing or building the HR team with the right talent is crucial to build an agile, adaptive, and customer-centric organization. Whether it is permanent HR specialists or outsourced Human Resource professionals; individuals in this role play a key role in staffing, career succession, employee development and maintaining the overall ethos of the organization.

You may just need an outsourced HR professional or are probably keen to build a complete HR team, including a compensation and benefits manager, payroll administrator, HR business partner, and HR manager / director. Whatever be your requirement, TASC can fulfill it with unbeatable expectations.

Our areas of competence

Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Assesses the organization’s staffing needs, identifies the skill sets required, interviews candidates and places suitable candidates for that role
HR Business Partner
  • Closes strategic positions by working directly with business unit managers
HR Officer
  • Develops and implements policies for effective selection of staff, staff training and retention
Learning & Development Manager
  • Develops and implements learning programs, designs learning courses and workshops, maintains budgets and vendor relationships
Compensation & Benefits Specialist
  • Conducts salary benchmarking and manages the benefits/rewards program
Payroll Administrator
  • Issues paychecks, manages direct deposits and payroll deductions, etc.
Health & Safety Specialists
  • Identifies work place hazards, ensures compliance with health & safety standards and conducts adequate training on health & safety
HR Managers & Directors
  • Supervises and consults on staffing, training and development, compensation and benefits, labor relations, employee engagement, etc.