Engineers are key innovation drivers as they integrate their practical research with scientific principles to deliver a better process or an enhanced product or an updated software. To build an innovative organization, make sure you employ skilled engineers right from ground-up. TASC can help you source, recruit and manage engineers who will add greater value to your business – whether you need outsourced engineers on contract or recruit engineers on permanent basis.

Our areas of competence

Biomedical Engineer
  • Designs, creates and improves a number of solutions related to healthcare, including medical equipment, or medical innovation.
Chemical Engineer
  • Creates processes to improve products ranging from fuel to food to medication.
Civil Engineer
  • Plans, designs, builds and maintains various structures, such as roads, buildings, bridges, etc.
Electrical Engineer
  • Designs, develops, and manages manufacturing of electrical and electronic equipment such as lighting systems, robotics, remote-controlled systems, etc.
Industrial Engineer
  • Improves processes or systems for better utilization of time, money, materials, energy or other resources
Mechanical Engineer
  • Develops various solutions for mechanical systems which includes study of motion, energy and force
Software Engineer
  • Designs and creates software / hardware systems for computers
Network Engineer
  • Enables network systems for employees use, including LAN, WAN, intranet and extranet