Banking And Finance

At TASC, we understand that at the core of any business’s growth engine is a healthy financial system managed by experienced decision-makers and ethical professionals. Therefore TASC BFSI, our specialized recruitment team, has been trained in effectively managing contract or permanent staffing needs for banks, insurance companies and financial service providers. Whether your business is looking to hire an accountant or a C-level finance executive, we can support your staffing requirements!

During unprecedented periods of economic uncertainty it becomes all the more crucial for businesses to scrutinize and protect their cash flow. Having the right qualified finance professionals such as Credit Controllers and Finance Managers on a short notice poses a challenge for most businesses. And so, working with the right staffing partner at these times can prove to be tremendously beneficial for any business during these times.

To quickly hire an accountant for your small business or to learn more about how a potential Credit Controller role can benefit your organization, contact us today!

Credit Controller
  • Responsible for managing the debts of a business, oversees all debts owed to a company from existing creditors and manages new requests for credit.
Banking analyst
  • Analyzes banking data to generate insights including investment opportunities, mergers & acquisitions, etc.
Tax consultant
  • Addresses direct and indirect tax compliance and advisory, statutory accounting and financial reporting, and tax accounting.
General accountant
  • Responsible for maintaining the General ledger, analysis of expense accounts as well as balance sheet accounts recommending accruals and adjustments as needed
Wealth manager
  • Uses knowledge of complex investment services to develop client solutions for high net worth individuals
FP&A managers
  • Analyses company’s finances, trying to spot data anomalies, trends or deviations and introduces improvement strategies
Internal auditors
  • Periodically audits bank’s governance, internal control and risk management processes to ensure processes are followed as per guidelines
Bank relationship managers
  • Advises customers and corporates in various banking & financial products offered by the bank
Account receivable
  • Measures your company's liquidity & cover short-term obligations without additional cash flows
Risk specialist
  • Identifies risks that could result in lower cash flow or higher costs, including business insurance costs
Trade finance manager
  • Manages centralized trade finance operations – bank financing, letters of credit, guaranteers, bills / TRs. Etc.
Credit / Debt collector
  • Responsible for recovering past due debts owed to creditors; individuals and businesses
Finance Controller
  • Provide overall financial planning, reporting and analytical support to the leadership team to help achieve business and financial results
Finance Manager
  • Play a key role in the organization's long-term financial security. Collaborate with executive management to analyze finances and develop budgets that will keep the company's costs down.