Banking And Finance

TASC BFSI has a specialised recruitment team for staffing banks, insurance companies and financial service providers. At the core of a country’s growth engine lies a healthy financial system, managed by experienced decision makers and ethical professionals. With TASC BFSI, you can hire experienced and ethical staff across functions, on contract and permanent basis.
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High quality staffing and recruitment service to banks and financial institutions

TASC maintains complete discretion and offers unparalleled high-quality staffing and recruitment service to some of the best and biggest names in GCC’s financial sector. For recruitments managed on permanent basis, you can also choose our solutions for HR OperationsRPO and SOW solutions. For contract staff, TASC takes complete responsibility of employee management.

Banking analyst
  • Analyzes banking data to generate insights including investment opportunities, mergers & acquisitions, etc.
Wealth manager
  • Uses knowledge of complex investment services to develop client solutions for high net worth individuals
FP&A managers
  • Analyses company’s finances, trying to spot data anomalies, trends or deviations and introduces improvement strategies
Internal auditors
  • Periodically audits bank’s governance, internal control and risk management processes to ensure processes are followed as per guidelines
Bank relationship managers
  • Advises customers and corporates in various banking & financial products offered by the bank
Risk specialist
  • Identifies risks that could result in lower cash flow or higher costs, including business insurance costs
Trade finance manager
  • Manages centralized trade finance operations – bank financing, letters of credit, guaranteers, bills / TRs. Etc.
Account receivable
  • Measures your company's liquidity & cover short-term obligations without additional cash flows
Debt collector
  • Responsible for recovering past due debts owed to creditors; individuals and businesses

“Over the past 12 months in my capacity as Outsourcing Manager with Largest Bank in UAE, Ahethesham Uddin has represented TASC as their Accounts Manager. During this time Ahethesham has provided a high degree of services with both diligence and...

Outsourcing Manager, Largest Bank in UAE

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