How to retain high potential employees?

To surge ahead of its competition, every organisation needs talented individuals who can foster its growth. Hiring such talent is one task. What is even more challenging is retaining them for a long term purpose. We give you 4 reasons how you can retain your talent here:

1 – Give them credible assignments:

Giving high potential employees high visibility and meaningful assignments is key to keeping them engaged. Handing them a stretch of assignments that are pivotal to the organization’s success keeps them motivated. While this may bring unwanted limelight, it is important that these employees be given challenging opportunities that are outside their comfort zones. They may make mistakes along the way, but that’s a necessary part of their development.

2 – An open window to communicate:

If there is a communication gap between the employee and his/her manager, it might create a situation whereby an employee feels he is unwanted. Lack of communication creates ambiguity, causes friction and doesn’t help in building trust. Thus, it is imperative that an employee’s work and presence is duly recognized and rewarded. Also, his grievances and feedback if any, are duly listened to and incorporated.

3 – Invest in them:

Spotting spark in an individual is no easy task. But once an employee has proved his/her mettle, the onus lies on the company to retain them and invest in them so that the company benefits. Providing them with mentoring sessions, valuable insights and due feedback can go a long way in boosting their success story. Thrusting such valuable employees with a work of significant magnitude can boost their morale and they in fact feel compelled to not only participate in their growth story but also that of their organization’s.

4 – Reward Timely:

It is imperative on the part of an organization to reward those employees who deliver when it matters the most. Monetary benefits, position or perks – an employee must feel he is rewarded – only then will he infuse the passion to grow. Acknowledging an individual’s contribution will pave the way for a company’s long term goals, as motivated and enthusiastic employees perform better. Reviewing their performance once a year, quarterly or half yearly can do wonders to an employee’s morale.

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