Employee on a temporary break? Tips to manage your work

When your employee plans a temporary break, whether few days or few weeks, there’s always enough slack to take. We’ve listed some tips here to overcome stress and overwork while your employee is away.

Prioritise Tasks

Evaluate your tasks or projects, and knock-off the tasks that are important and urgent. Next tackle the tasks that are urgent, but may not be as important. This will help in ensuring critical projects are delivered as scheduled.


Despite prioritization, it may not be possible to achieve all deliverables as planned. To handle such situations, identify well in advance the activities that may not be possible to accomplish. For all such activities, align with the concerned stakeholders.

Divide tasks amongst team members

Completion of crucial projects and activities can be done on time by dividing critical tasks amongst other team members.

Hire a Temp

Sometimes, dividing crucial tasks may overburden other employees and it could get difficult to manage the workload due to multiple priorities and business need. Also, some jobs such as reception desk, cannot be left empty. For such instances, hire a temp resource.

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