5 tips to ensure employee retention

Employee retention need not be a challenging task! Follow these 5 tips to ensure high employee retention in your organisation.

  1. Make your employees feel that they are an asset to the company

Make your employees feel secure; build a healthy working relationship with them. To do this, invest in training your managers. Your managers are the ones who will make your employees feel like a part of the organisation. Encourage managers to gather input from employees for the betterment of the organisation, and then implement those inputs.

  1. Create an honest and open work environment

Encourage managers and team leaders to give honest, but constructive feedback to employees. At the same time, create an environment where managers and leaders are willing to listen¬†to employee’s concerns. Often innovative ideas come from the grass-root level, guide managers to be open to new ideas from employees and accept suggestions for problem-solving. Advise your managers and team leaders to be available when your employees need guidance. Inspire managers to communicate in a transparent manner When employees need improvement, and be supportive when employees are facing challenges.

  1. Recognise and reward good work for employee retention

Ensure your managers are empowered to recognise their employees. This could mean a flexibility to give an instant reward, or a planned monthly/annual recognition. Recognition acts as a positive reinforcement, it goes a long way in assuring employees that they are on the right track. Appreciation motivates employees to work more effectively, and at times encourages them to go above and beyond the call-of-duty.

  1. Define the job role clearly, including how performance will be measured

Define a list of roles and responsibilities for each employee with clear expectations and outcomes. Build a mechanism which includes a mutual agreement of performance measurement. When you involve employees in setting performance measurement goals, you get an automatic buy-in from the employee and higher commitment to goals.

  1. Provide opportunities to grow and learn

Apart from a good salary and environment, high performers actively seek ways to improve their skills. Identify learning opportunities for your employees within and outside the organisation. Ensure your employee gets cross-functional exposure and adequate opportunities to enhance existing skills. Developing a career path for your employee will create a win-win situation for the organisation as well as the employee.

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