CSR Policy


TASC Management is committed to be good corporate citizens within the  UAE. Accordingly, it has decided to form a committee that would look at the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives within the community we operate in.


CSR Activites will be facilitated by the CSR committee who will educate and encourage employees to participate in CSR activities organized by the company.


  • Marketplace initiatives:
    To include encouraging socially responsible practices in purchasing and sales. E.g. green purchasing, encouraging procurement from ‘green suppliers’, paying suppliers on time, anti-corruption policy and practices etc. Gifting policy defining eligibility to receive gifts and the value of gifts that can be given and its frequency.
  • Workplace Initiative:
    To include social responsibility to the extent that our employees, customers/consumers, suppliers and visitors who frequently visit our workplace are treated as part of our society. Improving Occupational Health & Safety Standards of the employees, improving health-related awareness and proving opportunities to employees for playing sports, better health etc.
  • Environmental Initiatives:
    To include activities to conserve our environment and reduce our carbon footprint with initiatives like Beach Cleaning, UAE Clean up drives, Energy Conservation (Water & Electricity), Stationery conservation, Reduce – Reuse and  Recycle initiatives and waste minimization of all types.
  • Community Initiatives:
    To include activities benefitting the community i.e. Fire & Security Rescue Drill (improving overall security of the community), charity, donations, health, education (supporting overall education including security awareness), training of nationals, equal opportunity to all the segments of the community / society (no discrimination in procurement / sales / employment / CSR activities contributions based on nationality, gender, race, religion, age etc). Ensuring a high level of consumer information/client confidentiality is a socially responsible practice.