5 tips to attract recruiters to your LinkedIn profile


Managed to locate your dream job and you fit the qualifications? Here is how you can attract recruiters to your LinkedIn profile.

  • Photos:As the old saying goes, 1st impression is the last impression. Make sure that your profile photo is a recent photo and it does not have anything cheesy, sultry or flirty. Avoid using your Facebook and Instagram photos as your professional profile picture.
  • A clear job title:Have a clean and descriptive job title which puts your message across in a clear fashion. This helps recruiters in accurately pin-pointing you for a suitable job.
  • Details:Ensure that all your details are filled in as recruiters usually want to look at those points such as responsibilities and achievements. A detailed personal summary also helps them with further insights.
  • Recommendations and Groups:Recommendations are something that recruiters usually pay a keen look at. Endorsements from a credible source help you gain brownie points. Groups help recruiters get an insight into your likes and ambitions.
  • New Opportunities:Flick that ‘New Opportunities’ button on LinkedIn. This helps in giving a complete look on your LinkedIn profile and you are in line with the expectations of the recruiter.

Thus, looking at the way recruiters now look for newer talent on digital platforms, it has become imperative to update one’s LinkedIn profile. A mirror image of one’s corporate identity, we hope these insights will help you immensely to consolidate your LinkedIn profile and help you gain more ground. To be eligible for upcoming opportunities through TASC, submit your CV to dxbjobs@tascoutsourcing.com

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