5 job roles that will be in great demand in 2018

At the onset of the new year, we present 5 job roles that will be in great demand in 2018

Accounting & Taxation

With VAT implementation date nearing, the demand for accountants and finance professionals is on the rise. Job seekers who have experience within Gulf, but also have VAT/tax expertise can expect attractive employment offers. As businesses may need experienced hands, Candidates with five to ten years’ industry experience will be highly sought after.

Technology or Digital

As businesses jump on the digital transformation bandwagon, more staff will be required to fill roles in the information technology department. Candidates who have the ability to manage large-scale projects, as well as those with analytical & logical skills with knowledge of business functions will be in great demand.

Financial Risk or Fraud Aversion

With the recent cyber-attacks and rise in fraudulent activities, fraud/risk aversion has become a priority for many organisations. Thus, there will be an increased need for professionals with better analytical skills, fraud prevention, audit, etc.

Human Resources & Administration

Human resources and administrative staff have become the backbone of UAE business, especially now that digital transformation projects are beginning to take effect, changing the nature of work. As a result, businesses are investing heavily in the training, development and retention of HR and administrative staff.

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