TASC Gov for professionals in government & semi-government firms

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TASC Gov for professionals in government & semi-government firms

TASC Gov Desk is a specialized team for managing staffing and recruitment of professionals in government, and semi-government organisations. Having managed staffing for government sector firms, TASC understands the high-quality, qualified, and committed talent required for such roles.
What’s more? TASC can provide suitable professionals for government organisations with unmatched agility and superior professionalism, on contract  and on permanent roles.
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Government Staffing Quick Facts:

  • 300+ employees placed in government, semi-government firms
  • 10 years of recruitment for government companies
  • 5-member specialist team
  • 3 days to submit shortlisted candidate profiles with 2 layers of internal screening

Complete employee management for staff hired on contract

When you hire staff on contract, TASC takes complete responsibility of the employee and manages onboarding, compliance, performance, payroll, retention, termination and separation. Besides, if you are looking for employee transfer, RPO or SOW solution, you can contact TASC .

Recruitment for government jobs in IT and administration

As a seasoned recruitment and staffing agency, TASC has fulfilled varied roles for government firms. Listed below are some of the most frequent roles that were hired for government organisations:


  • Business analyst
  • Compliance expert
  • Enterprise architect
  • ERP professional
  • Network engineer
  • Quality assurance
  • Security expert
  • Software engineer
  • System engineer
  • Web master


  • Accountant
  • Call centre agent
  • Document controller
  • Process optimization specialist
  • Procurement professional

Our hiring expertise spans across functions: Customer Service, HR, Admin Support, Marketing, Legal, & Finance.

Advantages of hiring government staff through TASC

TASC has customer-centric approach, and we take every effort to ensure your requirement is met with the highest standard of quality and reliability. Some of the reasons, why our customers prefer TASC over other recruitment agencies are:

  • Access to large database of professionals around the world
  • 2 layers of internal screening to save client’s time in finding the right candidate
  • SLA driven approach
  • High Customer Satisfaction (average previous score of 4 on 5 from government firms)
  • Specialist team experienced in identifying the right talent
  • Flexible staffing options: staff augmentation, single resource hiring, permanent hiring, RPO or SOW 
  • End-to-end employee management services for contract staff
  • Excellent business practices recognized by the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award
  • ISO 9001 certified HR operations

Recruitment solutions in UAE, Saudi (KSA), Kuwait and rest of GCC

Leveraging our international professional network, TASC is able to supply qualified, world-class recruitment staffing solutions to companies, businesses, and organizations in Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE according to their needs. To know more about our services across the region, visit UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, KSA
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