TASC BFSI provides accountants, bankers, and more

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TASC BFSI provides accountants, bankers, and more

TASC BFSI has a specialized recruitment team for staffing banks, insurance companies and financial service providers. At the core of a country’s growth engine lies a healthy financial system, managed by experienced decision makers and ethical professionals. With TASC BFSI, you can hire experienced and ethical staff across functions, on contract  and permanent  basis.
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BFSI Staffing Quick Facts:

  • 350+ employees placed in banks & financial service companies
  • 40 years of combined automotive hiring experience
  • 5 years of recruitment for financial sector companies
  • 5-member specialist team
  • 3 days to submit shortlisted candidate profiles with 2 layers of internal screening

High quality staffing and recruitment service to banks and financial institutions

TASC maintains complete discretion and offers unparalleled high-quality staffing and recruitment service to some of the best and biggest names in GCC’s financial sector. For recruitments managed on permanent basis, you can also choose our solutions for HR Operations, Outsourced Payroll Management , RPO and SOW solutions. For contract staff, TASC takes complete responsibility of employee management.

Hiring in BFSI across various roles

The dedicated BFSI team ensures apt placements for mid-management and senior roles. Here are some of the kwy roles we have hired for in BFSI

  • Banking analyst
  • Wealth management specialist
  • IPO release managers
  • Internal auditors
  • Bank relationship managers
  • Risk specialist
  • FP&A managers
  • Corporate banking specialists
  • Sales executives / managers
  • Field visit agents
  • Data migration specialist
  • Trade finance manager

Our hiring expertise spans across functions: Customer Service, HR, Admin Support, Marketing, Legal, & Finance .

Bank on TASC when staffing for banks and financial institutions

TASC fulfills all staffing requirements with great discretion, more so for the information sensitive BFSI sector. Whether it is for junior roles or mid-management & senior roles – TASC will get you the best talent in the BFSI industry.
“Over the past 12 months in my capacity as Outsourcing Manager, Ahethesham Uddin has represented TASC as their Accounts Manager. During this time Ahethesham has provided a high degree of services with both diligence and discretion. His excellent ability to develop interpersonal relationships with all, made him an invaluable member of the extended team.” Outsourcing Manager, Largest Bank in UAE. Read more. 

TASC, one of the best recruitment agencies for BFSI

Recruitment for BFSI is unique in comparison with other sectors due to its process-oriented operations. At TASC, we not only understand this, but also follow an SLA-driven approach for all our staffing and recruitment initiatives. Some of the reasons, why our customers consider us as one of the best recruitment agencies for BFSI are:

  • Specialist team experienced in identifying the right talent
  • 2 layers of internal screening to save client’s time in finding the right candidate
  • Ready virtual pool of experienced candidates across diversities: Western, Arabic, and Asians
  • High Customer Satisfaction (average previous score of 4 on 5 from financial institutions)
  • Flexible staffing options: staff augmentation, single resource hiring, permanent hiring, RPO or SOW
  • End-to-end employee management services for contract staff
  • Excellent business practices recognized by the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award
  • ISO 9001 certified HR operations

BFSI staffing solutions in UAE, Saudi (KSA), Kuwait and rest of GCC

Leveraging our international professional network, TASC is able to supply qualified, world-class BFSI staffing solutions to companies, businesses, and organisations in Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE according to their needs. To know more about our services across the region, visit UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, KSA
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