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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Reach and agility underpin the most successful recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) programs and are inherent in each RPO program delivered by TASC Outsourcing. Our RPO solutions source highly qualified full-time employees more quickly, while minimizing operational complexity, cost and risk for a strategic advantage. Our expert team acts as an extension of our clients’ recruiting departments, offering a centralized model and a single provider for all their needs—from project-based support to comprehensive end-to-end solutions. Our RPO services model in GCC region include: Sourcing of passive and active talent, Candidate screening and selection Interview coordination, Communications management between hiring community and candidates, Extension of employment offers Management of post-hire activity.

Key Features of our recruitment process outsourcing services:

  • Customized Solution Design
  • Global Scope
  • Strategic sourcing and In-house domain specialists
  • Employer Brand Development
  • Compliance and Reporting
  • Technology Infrastructure

Leverage the advantages of outsourcing your recruitment process today

TASC Outsourcing leverages an international network to source top talent from all over the world. Our stringent talent processing structure produces qualified, experienced personnel that meet the specific needs of clients. This allows clients to fill personnel gaps within their organisations cost-effectively, with people who are qualified for the job. Additionally, partnering with TASC allows companies to allocate their energies and resources towards achieving corporate goals. Through our scalable and flexible solutions, organisations can expand their personnel resources without excess expenditure. For future recruitment needs, TASC is capable of building a portfolio of qualified talent from which companies can swiftly and easily select personnel to augment their team.

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