Payroll Outsourcing

Internally, within TASC, we manage the payroll for hundreds of our own employees. This has given us great insight into payroll management. Over the years, we have invested in qualified resources and latest technology to make the process more effective and fully compliant.

We currently offer payroll processing services to leading clients in the region. Whether you are a company with staff strength of 3 or 3000, you can consider outsourcing your payroll to TASC.

The advantages include:

  • Cost reduction by eliminating the need for a dedicated payroll team within the organization
  • No room for fraudulent activities or leakage of compensation data
  • State of the art system under the care of an experienced payroll management team
  • Guidance on compliance with local mandatory requirements

Payroll Services offered by TASC

  • Payroll processing, including issuance of pay slips
  • Employee benefits administration
  • WPS payments counseling and guidance
  • Management of employee reimbursements and travel expenses
  • Leave management including update on accrued / consumed leave
  • Bonus, overtime and incentives management
  • Automated alerts for expiry of passport / visa and other key documents


  • An employee who is part of another contract staffing company may express a wish to join the TASC family. We would welcome him or her to migrate to our company, with the consent of the current employer and statutory approvals.
  • An employee from another firm may wish to migrate for the following reasons:
  • Desire to work with an established brand in the field of contract staffing
  • Opportunity to be deputed to work with leading organizations in the private sector and government sector
  • Better employee care which in turn translates to a happier deputies in a happier work environment
  • Benefit of periodic performance reviews at TASC and recommendation of incentives


  • A transfer happens when a client takes the initiative. A client organization is free to approach us with a request to transfer contract staff deputed by another staffing company, or transfer some of their current employees to TASC payroll.
  • A company can approach for transfer of contract staff to TASC for the following reasons or in certain situations:
  • Challenges in service levels of the current contract staffing company
  • Dissatisfaction of contract staff with their current staffing company
  • Elimination of transactional challenges with reference to permanent hire of employees
  • No cap on headcount as the deputies do not come under the employer’s visa quota
  • Transparency in cost structure with break up on line items if desired by client.