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Partner with one of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

TASC Outsourcing is recognised as a premiere recruitment agency for a reason: we deliver highly qualified manpower solutions to businesses on a regular basis, delivering unparalleled flexibility and value to our customers all throughout Dubai and UAE.

Trusted for delivering recruitment process outsourcing solutions and Emirati recruitment services to companies and job agencies across the country, our executive recruitment company combines in-depth industry experience with technical expertise to source competent personnel from overseas to meet the real-time needs of businesses in the country.

This intensive process has made us into one of the top recruitment agencies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Whether you are looking for an overseas recruitment agency to source cost-effective manpower from skills-rich international markets, or you are in need of people for short term employment, you can count on us to deliver.

Recruitment process outsourcing: Sifting through overseas talent with a fine comb

As one of the leading recruitment agencies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE, TASC now runs a fully-fledged and growing Permanent Recruitment division to compliment the hugely successful contract side of the business. To become one of the trusted recruitment companies in the country, we combine tried and tested practices with the latest technologies in the staffing and employment outsourcing industry to provide our clients with optimised solutions. Our managers have over 25 years’ experience, with each specialising on a specific sector with their team of resources. In addition, our job agency has qualified specialists and management teams to provide comprehensive support and assistance to our clients. We offer the following permanent solutions:

  • Contingency Search
  • C Level Market Mapping
  • On-site Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Overseas volume hiring campaigns
  • Local national hiring and open days
  • Job salary surveys
In line with the Emiratisation drive by the UAE government, TASC Outsourcing is also offering Emirati recruitment services to help Dubai businesses maximise the growing local talent. Our recruitment firm can assist private companies in identifying, evaluating, and hiring Emirati professionals who can provide value towards achievement of the company’s corporate objectives. Whether your business is in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi, you can count on our national recruitment agency to provide best-in-class solutions for you.

“TASC have been a valued recruitment partner at du and Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.  They have consistently delivered on multiple challenging hiring campaigns, sourcing both international and local candidates across IT and administrative positions.  The team are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure we find the right talent and I would recommend TASC as a recruitment partner to anyone in the GCC.” Gavin Walford-Wright | Director, Talent Acquisition & International Mobility | Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Find the right people for the job, and grow your success through a strong core team

Our job agency has become one of the most trusted recruitment agencies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi because we deliver on our commitments, without fail. From our comprehensive array of solutions to our innovative E-care outsourced staff support department, we provide a wide-ranging network of people and resources. We are more than just an overseas recruitment agency – we are your complete people solutions provider in the region today.

Permanent Recruitment: Hire Executives through TASC

  TASC Permanent Recruitment is a flexible recruitment service that can be availed on a retained as well as non-retained basis. Each recruiter in the TASC Permanent Recruitment team has over a decade’s hiring experience within their industry. Thanks to extensive industry experience, our recruiters are adept at finding the right candidate for your organisation, who not only have the right skill-set but also a great culture-fit and attitude. Click hereto avail any of the below services:

  • Contingent recruitment: 1 to 4 hires
  • Multiple hiring and recruitment: 5 or more hires
  • Overseas volume hiring
  • On-site recruitment process outsourcing
What’s more? TASC can support you with the more challenging task of finding the right senior management or C-level executive within the fastest possible time. To know more about our specialised permanent recruitment solutions for C-level executives and for GCC nationals, follow the links below:

TASC Permanent Recruitment Quick Facts:

  • 15,000+ candidates evaluated
  • 5,000+ candidates placed across xx industries
  • 4,000 C-level executives placed

TASC Permanent Staffing Process:

TASC permanent hiring follows a well-defined, structured process to minimize your time and effort in finding the right professional.
  • Requirement Gathering:
Understanding company objective, culture, vacancy, expected results from new hire, etc.  
  • Sourcing:
Utlise TASC’s extensive database, advertise to active job seekers, headhunt passive candidates, etc.  
  • Screening:
2 levels of screening done by TASC before sharing shortlisted profiles with you  
  • Interviews:
Co-ordinate and schedule interviews  
  • Feedback:
Seek your view on preferred profiles, as well as those that were rejected (if any) to improvise  
  • Negotiation:
Undertake final salary & benefits discussion to arrive at win-win situation between you and the candidate.  
  • Document Collection:
Ensure resignation copy, passport, signed offer letter, degrees, etc. are submitted to you on time.  
  • Communication:
Maintain constant contact with the selected candidate to ensure no last-minute drop-outs.

Benefits of Hiring Permanent Staff through TASC:

  • Save time while TASC manages all recruitment activities
  • Reduced time on a wrong / bad hire
  • Dedicated recruitment specialists with relevant recruitment experience
Discovery why we are one of the leading Dubai recruitment companies today. To meet a TASC. To meet a TASC representative, or request a quote for your requirement, click here

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