Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing, also known as employee outsourcing, is the flagship service of TASC.

In the contract staffing model, staff is recruited on TASC sponsorshipand deputed or outsourced to a client.

The staff will work full time with the client organization with all payroll and HR activitiesundertaken by TASC. TASC is fully licensed to performthis activity, and our staffing process is fully compliant in line with UAE labor laws and regulations.

Advantages of Contract Staffing through TASC

  • Reduced employee costs, freeing up of internal resources and a focus on the client’s core business
  • Faster turnaround on recruitment, replacements when required, and lower headcount even during an expansion phase
  • Bespoke or customized solutions to the client, such as appraisal, performance review and recommendation on increments and incentives
  • One point of contact for the client – a relationship manager – who would serve as the interface and communicate the needs of the client
  • Employees are assured of statutory entitlements such as medical insurance, annual leave passage and compensation on par with industry standards
  • An exclusive Employee Care team at TASC is in regular contact with deputes, monitoring their satisfaction levels at work and resolving issues that may arise

On-boarding of Contract Staff

When we recruit employees for the purpose of contract staffing, we undertake processing of all the formalities. Following the visa being granted by the authorities, we take the candidates on our payroll, and outsource them to clients.

During the completion of the visa formalities, and while taking the candidate on our payroll, we provide support on various fronts to ensure seamless on-boarding and minimal involvement from the client:

  • Our recruitment team is in constant touch with candidates in their home country
  • We provide necessary guidance and clarifications on UAE as a work location
  • We speak to candidates’ family members if required, and answer any queries they may have
  • We also facilitate compiling and collection of documents
  • When the selected candidates arrive, based on need, we arrange for airport pick up and initial hotel stay if required. We also help with bank account opening and provide assistance in finding accommodation.
  • We conduct an extensive induction and orientation programme, which includes creating awareness of local customs, lifestyle and culture
  • We brief our deputies on client’s policies, rules and regulations
  • We provide a dedicated 24 X 7 helpdesk (800 ECARE) for employee grievances and queries