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Let the top retail staffing agency shore up your sales team

Sourcing Sales and Marketing professionals is one of our strengths. We are virtually a one-stop shop for sourcing sales personnel and would rank as the largest outsourcing company for this vertical. Whether you need temporary retail staffing for a three-day brand launch, or a promoter for an extended period at a hypermarket, you can trust TASC to deliver the required resource. We have in our rolls more than 1000 Sales professionals who are deputed to client sites and at retail outlets across the UAE. As a retail staffing agency, our talent pools are sourced from Philippines, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Sudan, Russian, Syrian, Lebanese and Sri Lanka. We take responsibility for documentation, statutory compliance and adherence to local regulations in the sourcing country (example POEA in Philippines). Our clients are therefore able to focus on their business instead of managing the onboarding process. We provide our technology software called Channel one, this software helps us to calculate Return of Investment, Incentives, KPI setting etc. Technology: With the introduction of our IT application called 1Channel, we have been able to create a value proposition for our customer and have created a platform where our customers can access various reports and get a snapshot of sales in real time.
  • Tracking Sales: With the help of this technology, clients can access sales on hourly, daily, monthly and yearly basis.
  • Tracking Attendance: Our clients can track the attendance of staff in real time. The application is connected with Google Maps and can track the actual location of the sales staff.
  • Access to different dashboards: This application gives the access to 35 different dashboards like – Target Vs Achievement, YTD sales, MTD Sales, best performing stores, best performing products etc.
  • ROI model: With the help of this application, we show the client “Return on Investment”. We show client, the investment which they have done on their staff and the revenue generation against the same.
  • Incentive Tracking: This application enables our clients to calculate incentives for their sales staff. With automated tracking of Target Vs Achievement, client can easily get an automated calculation of incentives as well.
  • Share of Shelf: We help clients understand the share of shelf and which products helps them with maximize returns
Our clients include global electronic brands, Telecom companies, Banks, FMCG companies for whom we provide contract staff for both sales and marketing functions.

One of the largest retail recruiting firms in the UAE, offering the widest array of staffing solutions

Our staffing agency specialises in large volume deputation, with a focus on delivering manpower resources numbering 20 personnel or more. To ensure timely delivery of client requirements, we develop a detailed delivery plan to provide clients with an overview of the acquisition strategy. What differentiates us from other retail recruiting firms is we enable clients to track the performance of their personnel through MIS reports and progress tracking solutions. In addition to entry level personnel, our staffing agency also depute mid-level and senior-level managers. By unifying the sourcing process, our company can provide a level of service that other recruiting firms simply cannot match. We can tailor our solutions for various client needs, from temporary retail staffing to permanent personnel acquisition. Our recruiting firm is capable of providing the following:
  • Promoters
  • Merchandisers
  • Team leaders / supervisor
  • Tele-sales executive
  • Marketing executive
  • Field sales executive
  • Field supervisor
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Relationship managers
So whether you are looking for temporary retail staffing for an event or building a core sales team, TASC Outsourcing can help you.