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TASC Retail for retail sales, promoters and more.

TASC Retail, as the name suggests, is a staffing solution for the GCC’s brick-and-mortar and online retail industry. Within the GCC, tourists, and residents alike, prefer to explore retail stores as a form of entertainment. TASC Retail can get you talented retail sales professionals, who can make the most of this opportunity. At best, they will help you generate additional revenue, and at the least, create a favourable impression for your brand. Our retail staffing agency, can meet any staffing need through TASC Retail; be it for a high-end luxury store, an electronics retailer, or for a departmental store. What’s more? For retail staff hired on contract, our retail staffing agency undertakes end-to-end employee management. To meet a TASC Retail representative, click here.

If you aren’t looking for contract staff, but need an executive or professional staff on permanent basis, click here

Retail Staffing Quick Facts:

  • 1,000+ retail professionals placed across GCC’s retail outlets
  • 300+ stores staffed by TASC Retail
  • 100 promoters from 36 nationalities, who can speak 15 languages
  • 50 years of combined retail staffing experience within the team
  • 40 projects successfully delivered until date
  • 11-member specialist team to source retail professionals
  • 125% average increase in sales for brands using TASC Retail staffing

TASC, the largest retail staffing agency in GCC

TASC is the largest retail staffing agency in the GCC with over 1,000 retail professionals deployed across retail outlets. TASC Retail – one of the most trusted retail recruiting firms in the world, offers several flexible staffing solutions – temporary retail staffing and events staffing.

Staffing for retail industry across various roles

Staffing for retail is predominantly for sales and marketing functions. Being one of the premier retail recruiting firms in the GCC, TASC has fulfilled recruitments for retail companies across Customer Service, HR, Marketing, Legal, Support & Finance functions mostly on a full-time / permanent basis. Whereas, key sales roles are usually hired on contract including relationship managers, promoters, sales executives, visual merchandisers, marketing executive, field sales executive, etc.

Measurement of outsourced retail staff on contract

As one of the most successful retail recruiting firms in the region, we understand the importance of monitoring performance of retail sales staff, especially those who have been hired on contract. Our retail staffing solution allows you total control on staff performance through targeted technological solutions. Through our technology interface, you can access:

  • Attendance reports: attendance of staff can be monitored on a daily basis through geo-tagging enabled technology, so you can verify the exact sign-in location of the retail staff. Available for both long-term and temporary retail staffing.
  • Sell-out reports: automated sell-out / product demo reports can be generated for desired frequency (hourly, monthly, daily, annually). These reports can be customized for each SKU or product category.
  • Dashboard views: you can view 35 different dashboards, such as target vs. achievement, YTD sales, MTD sales, best performing stores, best performing products, etc.
  • Incentives applicable: you can easily access the applicable incentive for each sales staff based on automated tracking of target vs. achievement.
  • As value-add, TASC Retail staffing will provide the following reports to help you manage your outsourced retail staff better:
  • Competition reports: reports on competition sales through various sources – store visits, mystery shopper, feedback from team leaders, etc.
  • Share-of-shelf reports: on a periodic basis, on-shelf availability check will be conducted to record current share-of-shelf. You will receive an update on real-time; basis your feedback and direction, corrective action will be implemented.
  • Return on Investment: based on sell-out data, we will share a report of return on investment. TASC also provides Return on Investment model for other services lines; to know more, visit Return on Investment.
  • KPI monitoring: performance report of outsourced retail staff against pre-determined KPIs

Large volume hiring for retail is our expertise

TASC Retail can easily handle large volume hiring, even if it means 50 or more resources. For any mass retail hiring, we provide a clear project plan so that you can oversee the sourcing process. You will also receive regular reports and updates on the milestones achieved. “I have enjoyed every minute of setting up the temp process with you and I’m confident that TASC and my organisation will have a long working relationship. If I need any outsourcing requirements, I will of course be in touch!” Recruitment Manger, Largest Retail Company in the UAE. Read more

TASC Retail is one of the best retail staffing companies

At TASC, we offer flexible and modular long-term and temporary retail staffing solution with an unrivalled customer—centric approach. Some of the reasons, why our customers consider us as one of the best retail staffing companies, can be found below:

  • Global coverage with experience in sourcing from 27+ countries
  • Adherence to local regulations in sourcing country (for e.g. POEA in Philippines)
  • Proactive and timely reports for better monitoring & control of contract staff
  • Specialist team experienced in identifying the right talent
  • High Customer Satisfaction (average previous score of 4 on 5 from retail staffing customers)
  • Experience in executing successful overseas recruitment campaigns
  • Expertise in event staffing & temp staffing,
  • Flexible staffing options: staff augmentation, single resource hiring, permanent hiring, RPO or SOW
  • Excellent business practices recognized by the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award
  • ISO 9001 certified HR operations

Retail Staffing services in UAE, Saudi (KSA), Kuwait and rest of GCC from one of the top retail recruiting firms today

Leveraging our international professional network, TASC is able to supply qualified, world-class long-term and temporary retail staffing services to companies, businesses, and organisations in Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE according to their needs.

Hiring Case Studies

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