Contact Centre

Contact center outsourcing for flexible, effective customer management

At the core of every business philosophy is the satisfaction of clients. Contact centers and call centre staff allow businesses to identify and address the needs of customers, making them an essential aspect in the corporate landscape. TASC offers tailored call center outsourcing solutions to international brands and premier companies in the UAE. Our on-contract service packages can be customised to include customer support representatives, telesales executives, and team leaders based on the needs of your company. As a testament to our business and operational excellence, TASC is one of the main solutions providers managing the largest contact center in the country. We also help manage the customer interaction center of UAE’s largest telecom company, its largest bank and largest electronics company.  

Our call center outsourcing process for building customer contact and support staff

As one of the largest call centre recruitment agencies in the region, we have hired and outsourced over 1500 agents in the last five years. All candidates are assessed on parameters such as:  
  • Communication skills
  • English
  • Arabic
  • Other languages (Urdu, Sinhala, Nepali, Tagalog etc)
  • Mock call tests – A real time scenario on how would he / she would manage a call, even if it is from a difficult and angry customer
  • Typing cum computer efficiency test
  • HR interview
  • Technical interview
  • Psychometric test

Our unique approach towards contact center outsourcing

We have a specialist on board with over a decade experience in recruiting and training call centre staff. As a professional recruitment company, we understand the working style of agents, their challenges, and their aspirations, which in turn helps keep them motivated at all times. We’re not just a recruitment company, we train them first on the essentials:
  • Communication skills
  • Customer service in UAE
  • UAE sensitivity training
  • Any product specific training on client’s demand.
  We offer replacements in case the deputes do not perform up to the agreed KPIs. We also counsel our agents based on periodic evaluation of their performance. The next time you require call center agents, give our recruitment agency a call. We will get your phones ringing off the hook.